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Flamboyant Kinky llc

All Natural Hair Growth Oil

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FLAMBOYANT KINKY All Natural Hair Growth Oil
This all natural hair growth oil enhances health in hair follicles. Protects against hair loss and
breakage. This all natural hair growth oil moisturize, repair, stimulate and strengthens the scalp
and hair. Also promoting new hair growth.

Black seed
Avocado oil
castor oil
Pumpkin seed
Grape seed
fractionated coconut oil
Rose-hip oil
Hemp seed

*Moisturize scalp & hair
* Promotes new growth
* Repairs and restores damage hair
* Hot oil treatment
* Can use on hair and body ( everything oil)
* Can be used everyday

SIZE- 4oz

Section your hair into 3-4 parts or what ever works for you. Put enough oil onto your scalp. Massage your scalp
for 3-5 minutes to get your blood circulating to promote more new growth. Add oil to your ends as well, thats very important!
Repeat once a day you will see results in a week onto two weeks.

These natural ingredients help STRENGTHEN, NOURISH, STIMULATE, REPAIR,
RESTORE and PROMOTES GROWTH to the scalp and hair or all hair types.
 Beneficial Scents:

Follow the the directions, use every day to
see results every two weeks guaranteed!