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FLAMBOYANT KINKY LLC is an all natural hair care collection that was created to help STRENGTHEN, REPAIR, RESTORE and NOURISH the scalp & hair of all hair textures. FLAMBOYANT KINKY is here to guide you to LOVE, NURTURE & EMBRACE your crown.
We combined the best natural ingredients together so that you too can experience FLAMBOYANT KINKY hair as the royalty that you are! Join us on this hair journey!

About Us
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All Natural Eye Lash Serum
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Take Back Your Crown!

For the sake of hair follicles, roots and branches I'd ike to show that we can grow like grass on open ranches. I'd like to share for the sake of hair our crown and headdresses. I'd like to show that we know the twist of our own tresses. Our hair is like a tree follicles, branches and roots. Its rightfully our legacy that we bare worthy fruits.

-Worthy Poetry