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Flamboyant Kinky LLC

All Natural Hair Growth Oil

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FLAMBOYANT KINKY’S All Natural Hair Growth Oil

This all natural hair growth oil enhances growth & thickness. A blend of potent oils to receive faster results. 

Black seed, flaxseed, jojoba, olive oil, castor oil, wheat protein, my special blend of hair growth essential oils.
Black Seed: antibacterial, antifungal anti-inflammatory properties which protect the hair and scalp while also locking in moisture in the hair shaft.

Flaxseed: Increases elasticity of hair fibers, Prevents split ends, Stops premature greying, Keeps dandruff and itchy scalp at bay, Reduces hair thinning, Strengthens hair from the roots.
Wheat Protein: repairing damaged hair follicles by embedding additional proteins into the follicle.
SIZE- 4oz

Follow the directions, and use everyday. You will see results in two weeks guaranteed!