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Flamboyant Kinky llc

All Natural Shampoo

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FLAMBOYANT KINKY All Natural Shampoo
This all natural shampoo has strictly all natural ingredients; reduces dandruff,
improves scalp circulation promoting new growth. Also this all natural shampoo slows
down breakage, soothes frizz and defines curls of all hair textures.

Water ( aqua)
Organic olive
Sunflower oil
Organic aloe vera
Organic shea butter
Rosemary extract
Citric acid
Black seed 
Flaxseed oil
Avocado oil
Fractionated Coconut oil
Pumpkin seed
Peppermint hydrosol 
Tea tree
Horse tail
Hemp Seed 
Vitamin E
Castor oil
Grape seed
Wheat protein 
Organic glycerin
Guar gum
Organic Emulsifiying wax
Organic Steric acid 
Natural Benzyl acohol 
essential oil

SIZE- 8oz

With these unique ingredients this shampoo reduces breakage, promotes growth, soothes frizz,
strengthens hair follicles, moisturize and defines curls of all hair textures.

Wet/rinse your hair throughly, then add the natural shampoo to scalp. Focus on your scalp and massage throughly to get your blood circulating to promote new growth and healthy hair. Rinse then repeat.

This all natural shampoo can be use every day on your hair or even as a body wash.
these all natural ingredients benefits the scalp, hair and body which is a plus !