DIY Hair Mask Every Two Weeks

DIY Hair Mask Every Two Weeks

For all the colored girls, I know the main question you may ask yourself is why isn't my hair growing or why isn't my hair healthy enough. Well I am here to give you some insight.

One thing about a natural crown is that we need more effort to maintain growth and health. Less manipulation is key but don't get that confused with feeding your roots and kinks.

When I say 'feeding' I mean giving your hair what it may need to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, repairing split ends or heat damage, softens and over all nurture and strengthen your hair follicles.  

One way you can do that is by doing a DIY hair mask every two weeks. I personally rather make them myself and play with different ingredients. Of course you can also go to your local beauty supply store and buy a hair mask treatment. 

 Hair masks are intense nourishing treatments which helps strengthen, hydrate, de-frizz and restore damaged, processed hair. Bringing back your natural curls.  

The #1 DIY hair mask I recommend is mayonnaise, honey, olive oil, and eggs. This hair mask is so great. It helps repair damage hair, Bring back curl patterns and moisturize the hair and scalp. These are everyday ingredients anyone can have at home, super easy.

You want to create your own hair regimen which is your personal routine you follow to maintain your natural hair. I recommend you have a hair mask every two weeks apart of that. You will see improvement.

Only you know what your hair likes and don't like. So only you can fix what's damage, if you pay attention. Start your journey and Take Back Your Crown! 


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